With an emphasis on commonality, connections and communication - rather than negativity, blame and guilt - Converge & Associates provides the training and strategic guidance that leads to increased levels of trust, teamwork and productivity.

"We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic.  Different people...different beliefs...different yearnings...different hopes...different dreams." ~ President Jimmy Carter

No matter how small or large the task - from spearheading community-wide racial healing initiatives to helping non-profit boards attract and retain membership that reflects the communities they serve -
Converge & Associates
has consistently exceeded client expectations.

Converge & Associates has a proven track-record for providing high-quality, effective solutions to the complex issues facing businesses and organizations in today's global market.
Converge & Associates has provided hundreds of hours of training and strategic guidance to clients in the corporate, non-profit, governmental and public-safety sectors.
Whether you've been challenged by cultural and demographic roadblocks or simply want to increase interpersonal relationship skills and teamwork among your employees, Converge & Associates 
can help you reach your goals.