Improving Teamwork, Productivity, Creativity & Morale
Crisis Prevention
Techniques for municipalities to avert race and ethnicity based community crisis
Managing Diverse Cultures in the Workplace
Strategies for developing a workplace that works effectively together within the context of cultural differences
Media Coverage in Diverse Communities
Strategies for enhancing the media's capacity to positively and adeptly report sensitive issues within the context of cultural differences
Board & Staff Development
Strategies for the recruitment and retention of staff and volunteer leadership that is reflective of the community
Community Building & Outreach
Creative methods for community engagement in diverse communities
Providing Service More Effectively & Efficiently
Community Mending Processes
Strategies for bridging communities
and mending cultural divisions
The Converge & Associates Approach
 Maximizing Your Competitive Advantage
Gaining Access to Clients and Customers
Converge & Associates works within the context of a network of relationships.  The network takes into account language, tradition, history economics, etc,.  Our strategy brings about a basic, but atypical understanding of culture that addresses multiple layers of need in the workplace and community.

People are your organization's most valuable asset.  As the talent and customer base becomes increasingly more diverse, your success depends on the ability to understand and leverage the dynamics of difference.  Cultural Competency Training, our signature training, approaches these issues from a unique perspective that embraces their complexity and systemic nature.

Our training teaches participants to view each person as a unique "culture."  The goal of this highly interactive approach is to increase understanding and provide tools to eliminate obstacles to full engagement.  Participants will:

  • Increase the knowledge and skills required to function effectively within cultural differences.
  • Establish a clear understanding of diversity and culture.
  • Define cultural competency and explain its relevance to service implementation and the workplace.
  • Create an awareness of the impact of culture using personal and organizational experiences.
  • Develop an understanding of how differences influence cross cultural encounters.
  • Understand effective cross cultural communication.

Our interactive curriculum, customized to meet your unique needs, teaches participants to view each person as a unique 'culture' and provides the tools to create a more culturally savvy workplace.  Organizational leaders will increase their ability to communicate, build, trust and become sensitive to the unique qualities of various cultures.  In addition to these trainings, Converge & Associates offers the following opportunities for in depth training and support services:

The Culture of Customer Service
Expand the definition of customer service and identify the need for first-rate internal and external service; characterized customer focused communications; and gain practical tools for effective communication and relationship building.

Respectful Workplace Communication
Effective communication helps to establish mutually respectful relationships that improve employee satisfaction, and increase productivity.  This workshop provides tools for effective communication and elicits a shared commitment to building strong, respectful communications within organizations.

Managing Conflict in the Workplace
Explore ways to recognize causes of workplace conflict; facilitate resolution of conflict; and manage the work relationships once the conflicts has been resolved.  When handled in a respectful and positive way, conflict provides an opportunity for growth, ultimately strengthening the bond between staff members.

A Proactive Approach to Managing Workplace Bullying
bullying in its wide variety - covert or overt; verbal or nonverbal; psychological or physical; abuse or humiliation and explore ways to identify and prevent bullying behavior.

Managing Workplace Harassment in a Multicultural Environment
This training explores all forms of harassment, the issues, their ramifications and their remedies in a unique and compelling way.With changing demographics and increased diversity in our organizations; race, ethnicity, language, accents, religion, age and sexual orientation, are often at the root of workplace harassment.

​Race Relations Consulting
Utilizing the study guides by Everyday Democracy, Barbara is a trained facilitator of Community Dialogues around race and ethnicity.  She has facilitated numerous dialogues to address racial, ethnic and economic inequities and create positive community change.